Here at StarAudio we can provide all parts of your event, either as a package or as single units. We have a range of generators in house from 6kva right through to 60kva. Please see the table below to find the one suitable for your event. If your unsure please email us & we'll be more than happy to help you spec the correct generator for your event. Distribution can also be supplied, making it completely hassle free for you & one less thing to worry about when organising your event. 

6 KVA Generator 

Will fit in small van

10 KVA Generator 

Can be towed by a vehicle 

60 KVA Generator

Delivery will be included in the price 

Generators available include...

 6 KVA

10 KVA 

18 KVA

28 KVA

40 KVA

60 KVA

Please contact us for all enquires

 Frequently Asked Questions... 

  • Q - What makes you different from any other generator hire company?                                  A - Other companies just offer dry generator hire not including any of the below. We offer the full package including spec-ing up your requirements, delivering and collecting the generator, spec-ing up and providing all distribution required, earthing the generator and ensuring all meets current regualtions with our NECIC 17th edition qualified electrician. We can even provide the fuel as part of the package.